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The Botanical Sessions Vol. 1
Click to purchase this item from our store Our music CD, "The Botanical Sessions Vol. 1: The Rootfriends Vacation", brings to you fun, upbeat music for kids and adults alike. Each song lyrically has a botanical theme and many of the songs lyrically take you into the world of The Rootfriends. Eclectic and melodic, these top-of-the tree songs will give you the quality of music you have been searching for that is great for kids and adults alike. The Rootfriends would like to thank the following musicians for writing these great songs.
Section 1: Saplingwood

1. Water-logged Wood - Laurie Geltman, Danji Buck-Moore, Peter Sling    (1.40 MB)

2. Rootfriends' Vacation - Peter Prince (Moon Boot Lover)    (1.46 MB)

3. Here's To Rootfriends - Chris Costello

4. Tree Jump - Kirkland Bodie

5. Life Is A Gamble - Jillian Wheeler    (1.49 MB)

Section 2: Heartwood

6. Come Out To Play - Laurie Geltman

7. The Game - Felix Rentschler

8. Feelin Free - Michael Franti & Spearhead

9. Into The Sun - Gary Backstrom (Jiggle)    (1.46 MB)
Produced by Peter Slingluff
Mastered by M-Works
Art Direction: Peter Slingluff
Desktop Publishing: Feher
Recording Studios: Wooly Mamouth Studios, Mortal Music, Waltz Music Studios, Woody Giessmann Studios, Quick-2-Lik

Musicians: Brian Girald, John Vanderpool, Greg Vasso, John Fraser, Jonathan Hart, Paul Wolstenchroft, Cornelius Johnson, Colyn McCdonald, Michael Hoyte.
Copyright © 2005  -  The Rootfriends, Inc.